An Apparent Breakthrough In Free Electricity

Although the article below presents no solid proof, there has been an apparent breakthrough in free energy generation.

The YouTube video below is contained in the link above.

If the device shown in the above YouTube video works and can generate about 10 KW freely as represented in the article above, it could free the average homeowner of an electricity bill for an affordable installation cost.

Even a relatively small company such as the one underlying WordPress could easily afford to build a working unit of the free electricity device shown in the links above. This relatively small company has far more power to get the Truth Out to the masses than most people realize. It is a lion in sheep's clothing, and many heroic people work there. (I owe these people my very life, just as I owe numerous persons that work for or manage Google and Facebook and other companies in Silicon Valley the same.)

There are many ways to generate free electricity in both large quantities (Hoover Dam amounts) and small (such as the one shown), as a heroic investigative reporter Gary Vesperman taught all of us by what he wrote and made available on the Internet. It is possible that some of the small free electricity generating units that Gary Vesperman wrote about that involve a similar amount of electricity may be superior in some manner to the one being discussed here.)

All of these ways of generating free electricity or free energy energy that Gary Vesperman compiled with the help of others and then wrote about are being ignored or suppressed.

The U.S. Government has a longstanding history of suppressing any and all free energy inventions, just as it has of suppressing alternative medical discoveries of all sorts.

Incidentally, ignoring a “proven in concept” and working free energy invention is the same as suppressing it.

It is too bad that free energy inventions always seem to go begging and come up short in regard to being financed for (1) finalizing their development and (2) commercially manufacturing such in substantial quantities–> such that they become widely available to the public.

Many free energy ideas have been proven to be viable, and then just rot on the vine for one reason or another. Often the inventors of such are either threatened with death or killed. Meanwhile we continue to burn fossil fuels, or suffer from a nuclear accident event such as Fukushima, Three Mile Island or Chernobyl. (This list will most certainly grow longer over time.)

How many more Fukushima’s will it take before the earth is uninhabitable? taking into account “ocean water rains and snows on crop land” and radioactivity in the ocean bioaccumulates in ocean fish.

Unless we change our ways, whether as a result of nuclear accident or nuclear war, someday we will get to the point we will not be able to eat anything without it being overly radioactive if we do not put the genie of nuclear energy back into the bottle worldwide.

Einstein’s brilliance of E = mc squared is destined to destroy humanity and this planet as we know it, if we do not wise up. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind about this.

It may already be too late.

However, giving up and not acting in a manner headed towards an eventual and complete ban on nuclear power and on nuclear weapons worldwide is NOT AN OPTION, if humanity is to have a chance at survival over the next century or so.

One way that Silicon Valley can fight back in regard to federal government suppression of Energy Invention Truth and try to Save the Planet is to fund the cream of the crop of free energy inventions, and then use the Power of the Internet to make these free energy inventions widely available to the general public. (Doing such could be a way to achieve a Revolution without violence in America, for if the Truth was known by every adult American about the long-standing and pervasive Federal Government Suppression of Free Energy Inventions it would certainly be of great help in both stopping and replacing our corrupt Federal Government.)

My business background was in manufacturing. As such, I know for a fact that the device shown in the above YouTube video would cost peanuts in relation to many other things to be fully developed from a manufacturing standpoint and then brought to market, assuming the claims made are true.

Perhaps worthy to note as that many in the conspiracy arena claim that if there is a false flag attack on America, or an attack by North Korea or other enemy of America, this attack will likely take the form of an EMP attack which will knock out the electric grid and electronic devices of all sorts as well.

The small 10 KW free energy device shown in the above link would sure be a handy device if such an EMP attack ever happens. At least one would have electricity at home to power the lights, their furnace, their refrigerator and other things that run on electricity throughout one’s house without needing a conventional generator that uses fuel to do so.

IMHO, Gary Vesperman of Henderson Nevada is the man to talk to when it comes to free energy devices of all sorts. His phone number is often published on much of the material he writes. I have spoken to Gary twice on the phone. He has an odd voice which might not present well on YouTube, but sure he knows what he is talking and writing about in regard to energy invention suppression of all sorts. IMHO, Google Management should bring this man to Mountain View and hear him out ASAP. The same goes for an inventor named Paul Pantone if he is still alive and lucid, Adam Trombly, Allen Caggiano (if he is still alive and lucid) and perhaps other energy inventors too. (Gary Vesperman would be the best person to name these people that Google or a Google, Facebook, and/or Silicon Valley Think Tank collaborative effort should see.)

Incidentally, the same as the above goes for numerous suppressed persons in the alternative medical arena such as Jim Humble, others and myself. Stated again in another blog, I am done tooting my own horn. (I am not in great shape health-wise and I am not promoting myself in any way here.)

Numerous benefits could and should come out of Google and/or a Silicon Valley Think Tank hearing the Truth about Energy Invention Suppression from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. You folks are all going to be heavily effected by the radiation coming out of Fukushima some day (if you have not been effected already), as it will most probably rain radiation on you for centuries, as well as might be a factor in causing the drought in CA as has been mentioned on the Internet by some.

You folks (Silicon Valley) owe it to both yourselves and humanity to bring energy invention suppression to the light of day, for it is only a matter of time before another nuclear accident occurs, or perhaps dozens or more of them occur all at once as a result of an EMP attack or a nuclear war.

The fact that numerous nuclear power plants were built and continue to operate in earthquake prone California is a recipe for future disaster for sure.

Nuclear power should be shut down worldwide, as it is replaced by free energy technologies.

The only chance of this occurring is if the longstanding and pervasive suppression of free energy invention, to include free electricity generation, ends.

The U.S. Government continues to stand behind and even promotes the further building of more nuclear power plants.

Silicon Valley (or a Silicon Valley and Mafia alliance) is the only power in existence today that can stop the tremendously risky madness of nuclear energy being used to produce electricity.

It only took one nuclear accident to poison the entire Pacific Ocean, if not all of the oceans in their entirety someday because ocean currents flow around the world.

Fukushima is no where near done in continuing to spew massive amounts of radiation. The end is nowhere in sight.

The madness of using nuclear power to generate electricity (or any other use for that matter) must be stopped, especially in light of the facts that (1) America’s Achilles Heel is the use of an EMP weapon against it, (2) an EMP attack is likely to lead to multiple nuclear meltdowns nationwide (God Forbid that all nuclear power plants nationwide of are effected by an EMP weapon or a number of EMP weapons used simultaneously and then subsequently melt down), and (3) a false flag attack in America may be in the form of an EMP attack for our Federal Government and the Illuminati or whomever controls it is dying to shut down the growth of Truth on the Internet and prevent the Internet from fostering a Justifiable Revolution as happened in Tunisia and Egypt.

Furthermore, it is not inconceivable that nuclear power plants in America would become targets for nuclear missiles in a nuclear war.

Even a suitcase sized small nuclear device placed near a nuclear facility that was carried or driven by car by a single terrorist could and would precipitate a core meltdown, maximizing the effectiveness of such a small device.

On the personal side, I remember repeatedly thinking the thought when I was in fourth through sixth grade in the early 1960’s and we regularly had nuclear attack safety drills that “Mankind has widely used every single weapon it has developed throughout history without exception. What is to stop us from using nuclear weapons widely some day as well? It is only a matter of time.”

Today, I realize that the ONLY WAY to stop a nuclear WWIII in this century (IF NOT THIS DECADE OR THE NEXT) is a Great Awakening Worldwide, such as the Worldwide Internet Woodstock Event I have proposed, and–>
Internet Based Governments based on a Fair and Standardized Model of such that was first developed and instituted in America and eventually instituted Worldwide after—>
It was shown to work (and work well) to fix America’s many major political and social problems.

Silicon Valley and the American Mafia Developing An Alliance and
>>>Acting In Time Before Martial Law is Declared or the Internet is Shut Down for whatever reason<<<
>>>To Oppose the Illuminati and their NWO Agenda,<<
Is Far Better than the American Mafia continuing to support the Illuminati's Agenda and/or its Corporate Monsters such as Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Oil?, etc. as it is doing now.

IMHO, A Mutually Beneficial Alliance Between Silicon Valley and the American Mafia is the Best Chance That America and Humanity Has Got. (It may be the Only Chance. Time will tell in this regard, without any further input from me.)

America is in deep shit, and time is of the essence. We are running out of time, especially in light of the facts regarding (1) what is going on in the Ukraine, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and elsewhere, (2) the facts that Russia and China are collaborating politically, commercially and militarily (a joint naval exercise will happen between them soon), (3) the fact that both Russia and China are dumping the dollar as a Reserve Currency in which to trade with, and other countries will soon be joining them, (4) when the dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency economic collapse is right around the corner, (5) our Federal Government is dying to declare Martial Law ASAP in order to preserve itself, (6) the inevitable and soon forthcoming economic collapse in America will most certainly precipitate a state of Martial Law and (7) a state of Martial Law will end Freedom of Speech on the Internet, if not Freedom of Speech and Freedom period.

Any delay in very substantial action by Silicon Valley or an Alliance between Silicon Valley and the American Mafia acting jointly as soon as is practical or possibly is both unwise and untenable.

The future of both America and the World is at stake.

Allen D with deeply appreciated editing and other help from Mark J and our heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

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